Stories of the Road

I have played 11 shows in the past 13 days. About 1,800 miles and 27 performance hours later, here I am. I have loved every moment of it.

One of the coolest parts of being a musician is meeting new people out on the road, and I have a great story from my time in Evansville, Indiana. I was playing at a bar called Lamasco, a real haven for live music. They have some form of entertainment going on just about every night of the week. It’s a cool, cozy venue, and a good place to play some gritty blues. I was there this past Tuesday, and about halfway through the show when a big group of guys walked through the door. They were taking pictures, videos, really getting into the music.

I went on break, and one of them came up to me and introduced himself. He said his name was Mike, and that he played guitar for Barry Manilow. He explained that Barry was in town for a gig, and it had been pushed back by a few days for some reason. So, they had been stuck in town for a while with not much to do. They really dug my sound, and after we had chatted for a while, Mike joined me on stage for a couple of tunes. It was awesome! I chatted for an hour or two after the show with all the guys, which included David Rozenblatt (Percussion), Ron Walters Jr. (Music Director/Keys), Joey Melotti (Keys), Ron Pedley (Keys), and as I mentioned, Mike Lent (Guitar).

A nicer, more gracious group of people you will not find anywhere. They offered me a ticket to the show, so the next night, I got to sit about five rows from the stage at a Barry Manilow concert and watch some of the best musicians in the world.

There is a belief held by most independent performers that someday, someone who can give you your big break will walk into whatever bar, club, or venue you’re playing at in the middle of nowhere. I wasn’t sure I believed that, but I do now! Thanks again to all the guys, and thanks again to Amy and Jessie at Lamasco! What an awesome place.

If you want to keep up with my crazy schedule, as always, is the place. Where will I be in July? Well…Lexington, Dayton, Richmond, Pendleton, Cincinnati, Columbus, Metamora, Fairfield, and Evansville, to name a few cities in the three states I’ll be visiting this month. Can’t wait to see who I run into out there!

I’m starting a new tradition. With every blog post, I’ll share a song/artist with you that has really been impacting me lately. This week, it’s the band Wilco. Specifically, the “Sky Blue Sky” and “Wilco (The Album)” records. Both masterpieces. Check out “Country Disappeared” here.

Thanks to Arnold’s, Brukner Nature Center, the Wine Stable, Raintree Square, the Three Legged Mare, Lamasco, Expressions, Wildwood Pub, Charley Creek Arts Fest, and the OTR Biergarten at Findlay Market for having me here in the past couple of weeks.

About Brian Keith Wallen

I'm a full time touring musician from Indiana. #vanlife
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2 Responses to Stories of the Road

  1. Mary Powell says:

    I read your blog post to Maynard and we are both so happy for you about meeting the guys from Barry Manilow’s group. Musicians supporting musicians is what it is all about- thanks for sharing

  2. BevySue Hammons says:

    Love your story about Manilow band Your new guitar pic & the tree lined road pic are awesome! When will you be in Metamora & in Fairfield,?Thanks,BevySue

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