Buckets of Rain

We’re in the rainy season here in the Hoosier state. Prior to this, we had enjoyed the most beautiful fall in recent memory, an unprecedented month of low humidity and sunshine, warm days and chilly nights, bright colors splashed across the landscape. Every day was a delight, but through all of it, I knew the rains would come. And sure enough, they did.

Late October through April can be a lengthy slog in our neighborhood. “Permacloud” is my favorite term for it, because it is unrelentingly gray for weeks on end. It can feel like day and night are barely separated. When the rain first started back up a couple of weeks ago, I skipped a couple of my usual daily walks with our dog, Charlie. One night about 9 PM, he just wouldn’t let the issue go, and he voiced his displeasure by nosing his leash and whining by the door for about 10 minutes. Finally, I put on my wool socks, raincoat, hiking shoes and off we went. Ever since, we go for walks whether it’s raining or not.

We were supposed to be up north in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan this week, where the rain has turned to snow, but our friends there have been battling an unpleasant illness that has spread back and forth from one family member to the other. Whatever it might be, it put a stop to our planned trip north. Around the same time, a group of our friends here in Indiana that had been gathering during the warm weather months agreed to stop getting together for similar reasons. It’s much the same in our line of work as musicians, with a big decrease in the number of shows we’re playing. Bar and restaurant owners tell us that their business is down by 50% or more.

And so, we’re all left to make the best of it. To put on our wool socks and coats and walk in the rain anyway. Make a pot of soup, put on a record, and look forward to brighter days in the spring.

All you can do, is do what you must
You do what you must do, and you do it well
I’ll do it for you
Honey baby, can’t you tell?

Wishing peace and good health to you and yours. -BKW

About Brian Keith Wallen

Singer-songwriter and guitarist from Indiana. Proud dog dad.
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